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Get aware about Gett service from friends and install the app
Use promo-code, order a taxi and wait for the car to arrive
Go by taxi to the destination point and rate the trip afterwards
Participate in Gett loyalty program and share promo-codes with friends
As it happens with virtually every company, some aspects of Gett service model can be enhanced.
Once Gett app is installed, a) clients should intuitively understand how to use it or b) the app should guide new clients on how to make their first order
Currently clients have to learn how to use the app and order taxi on their own
Add the functionality, which would offer to open a simple slide show upon first login outlining how to use promo-codes, link a card, choose fare type and place an order. This would boost user engagement from the very first moment
Taxi service provider should take passengers' preferences into account, while it should be easy for passengers to enter their preferences
Clients can enter their preferences only in comments to the trip (free-form text). Preferences are partially included in pre-defined comments, but clients can choose only one pre-defined comment: if a client wants air conditioner to be switched on and driver to be silent, they have to type this manually in comment field anyway
    • Add passenger preferences choice functionality (yes-no sliders) on taxi ordering / settings screen with the option to remember recent preference choice: silence, air conditioner, etc.
    • Add "Preferences are addressed" question in post-trip rating survey
      Taking care about their family, clients should have an option to easily link their bank card to relatives' Gett accounts
      In my case this process was long and painful: when trying to link a card to another account, it was blocked and I had to spend 3 more days trying to negotiate the issue with Gett security team, which, among other things, included sending the photos of my passport and credit card
        WHAT TO DO?
        Simplify credit card check procedure in such a way that the app would request a code from SMS/Push notification sent to the phone number linked to client's credit card
          When ordering a taxi in advance, especially when going to the airport, clients have to be 100% sure that taxi will arrive on time
          There are frequent complaints on feedback websites stating that Gett could not find cars or drivers arrived with delay in case of advance orders. It is also worth noting that currently Gett starts displaying client's advance order closer to the arrival time
          WHAT TO DO?
          • Display advance orders for drivers immediately after placement, thus reducing the chance for your client to remain without a driver (drivers who picked up advance order, should though be able to pick real-time orders in the meantime)
          • Automatically request drivers who have taken advance order to confirm their commitment to fulfil the order X and Y minutes before the arrival time
          • Introduce the requirement for drivers to arrive X minutes before requested time, as well as respective penalty rules for late-comers
          • In case of advance order not fulfilled by Gett's/driver's fault, introduce compensation packages and set of actions aimed at retaining clients who have experienced this issue
            When ordering a taxi, clients expect that the car will arrive at the desired pickup point, and downtime timer will start only when the car is in the right location
            Feedback aggregators are full of customer complaints about Gett drivers arriving at the wrong location (which can happen both by driver's and client's fault). Also, after arriving at the wrong location, drivers can initiate downtime timer immediately, and downtime over 5 minutes will be charged from a client
            WHAT TO DO?
            • If a customer specifies only street and building details when ordering taxi, prompt them to specify extra details (if possible) via respective popup/message – this would help avoid such issues happening by client's fault
            • Control arrival quality by adding the question "the car arrived correctly and on time" in post-trip rating
            • Add automated proximity check which would prevent drivers from manual check-in if they are not close to the pickup point
              6. PASSENGER SAFETY
              • Clients' safety should be the responsibility borne by taxi service provider
              • Drivers should not have access to clients' personal data
                • In one of official documents, Gett states that the company does not bear any responsibility for clients' safety during the trip
                • Also, taxi drivers can see clients' phone details, can re-contact them directly and potentially threaten if rating is low
                    WHAT TO DO?
                    • Adjust app functionality, so that drivers did not see clients' phone details, but rather could make calls only via Gett app
                      7. POST-TRIP RECEIPTS
                      Clients should receive receipts after the trip
                      Post-trip receipts are mainly sent by email, however if a client chose to opt-out from emails, they cannot revert this change on their side
                      WHAT TO DO?
                      In Gett app, add the functionality to opt-in and opt-out from receipts by email (in Menu > Settings > Notifications)
                      8. TRIP RATING / FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT
                      Trip rating should be a holistic and unbiased reflection of service quality, which considers various factors of customer satisfaction
                      • Current rating system seems to be more about marketing than about service level: being Gett client for several years, I have not seen any driver with rating lower than 4.5 out of 5, while there was no significant difference between "top" and average drivers
                      • Oftentimes drivers ask to rate them with 5 stars even despite car-related drawbacks, while passengers, simply do not know which exact factors to consider when rating a trip
                      • On feedback aggregation websites, customer complaints quite frequently remain without any reply / comment from Gett
                        WHAT TO DO?
                        • Introduce automated rating calculation based on client responses to trip-related questions (yes/no): "taxi arrived on time, the car was clean, preferences were addressed", etc.
                        • Introduce automated driver control system, based on their performance against each factor (e.g. dirty car for 3 times in a row – driver's ban for 1 day)
                        • Add an option for clients to comment on rating, so that they could share the details if needed
                        • Ensure that no feedback is left without response, especially negative ones – this will at least partially mitigate bad impression after reading the feedback
                          9. LOYALTY PROGRAM
                          Loyalty program based on user status should be set up in such a way that clients have a strong motivation to move to the higher status
                          In Gett loyalty program, there are 23 levels, from "Newbie" to "Your Majesty", however the benefits (rush-hour discounts, best drivers and cars) materialize only starting with level 14. The difference in benefits on levels 14-23 is not clear, which reduces clients' motivation to make X more trips to move from one level to another
                            WHAT TO DO?
                            Increase the lifetime value of loyalty program members by introducing progressive cashback with bonus points: beginning with certain level, clients start getting a percentage of trip expense back as bonus points, which can be used as payment for upcoming trips: higher level = higher % of cashback. Also state it clearly, which exact % of cashback will be applied on each level
                            10. CUSTOMER SUPPORT
                            Service companies operating 24/7 should have support provided in a similar schedule and via channels, which are convenient for customers
                            Approximately one third of complaints on feedback aggregators is related to unavailability or poor quality of customer support:
                            • Clients can reach out to customer support by phone only during the trip (via Moscow toll number)
                            • The main channel is email: customer support responds with perceived delay (next day). In case of any urgent issues, clients will not be able to get these sorted out quickly
                            • Support via popular messengers like Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram is not provided currently
                            • However Gett support via social networks proved to respond quickly and in a comprehensive manner
                              WHAT TO DO?
                              • Enable the functionality to make customer support calls not only during the trip, but also during X minutes after the trip to help clients get unexpected issues and questions resolved quickly
                              • Introduce toll-free 8-800, so that clients did not have to pay for calls in case of any issues
                              • Expand the range of support channels to include messengers
                              • In Gett app, add the functionality for clients to contact customer support not only by phone and email, but also via other channels
                              • Align email response time to match that in social networks
                              • Introduce chat-bots with natural language processing functionality to handle basic client request
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